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Local man arrested in knife attack

Foreign national taken to hospital for surgery following knife attack in rural Nicosia


Police have arrested a local man in connection with an attempted murder case in rural Nicosia, following the wounding of 26-year-old who was rushed to the hospital for surgery.

Police got a call Tuesday late in the night, around 11:35pm, regarding an injured man at a village in Nicosia district.

Cops who rushed to the scene found a man, a foreign national, on the ground with a knife injury. Police told Knews the wound was about 2 centimeters deep, underneath the left armpit. The man was rushed to the Emergency Room at Nicosia General Hospital, where he underwent surgery.

A 28-year-old suspect, described as a Greek Cypriot male, was detained in connection with the case.

CID Nicosia is jointly investigating the case with the Pera Chorio police station.

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