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Cyprus at the ready to help Lebanon

Cypriot medical teams stand ready to fly in, island ready to host injured from Beirut blast


Cypriot Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides says the government has expressed its “immediate readiness” to assist the neighbouring country following two powerful explosions that rocked Beirut.

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Over 100 people were killed and thousands wounded in a massive explosion that shook the Lebanese capital on Tuesday, with shockwaves of the deadly blast reaching as far as Cyprus.

Christodoulides took to Twitter on Tuesday after the Lebanon blast to express “overwhelming and heartfelt sympathy to the Lebanese people” while adding Nicosia had notified Beirut of the island’s “immediate readiness to assist.”

"Cyprus is ready to accept injured persons for treatment and send medical teams if required," Christodoulides also said on state radio Wednesday morning.

Tuesday's Beirut explosion was heard in Cyprus some 100 miles to the east, while Christodoulides confirmed reports that the Cypriot consulate in Beirut was extensively damaged in the blast. 

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