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Cops go online to catch protocol violators

Boat party in Larnaca and Latin dance in Nicosia among events shut down following online search


Cypriot officials have been busy scrolling through Facebook to proactively identify and prevent organized parties that appear to violate health protocols against the spread of the coronavirus.

Law enforcement officials have branched out to other state authorities, including the public health services’ e-commerce unit, in an effort to identify on social media and potentially block parties or gatherings that could be hazardous to public health.

According to local media, police officers were told in one case that a beach party had been organized in Larnaca, with law enforcement officers managing to shut a boat party down moments before guests were about to board their vessel.

In one case officers managed to shut a boat party down moments before guests could board the vessel

In another case, officials in Nicosia tracked down online a Latin dance party. It was understood that the event was also shut down.

Police said officers between Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning at 6am carried out a total of 1162 checks and inspections aimed at containing the spread of COVID-19.

According to an official report, 21 businesses and 43 citizens were issued fines or charged with health protocol violations. The majority of inspections and fines took place in Limassol, where a recent spike in coronavirus cases set in motion new fears of a second wave on the island.

Police this week stepped up their efforts to find and fine violators by increasing their cooperation with other state authorities and agencies.

A recent traveler who was instructed to remain in self isolation but was out and about was greeted by police officers at the door, after health officials said the quarantined person failed to pick up the phone.

Reports said the man had gone out but told officers he did not come into contact with anybody. Three others, who also failed to answer the phone, were found in their homes by the time officers knocked on their doors.

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