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Cyprus battles to keep spike under control

New measures similar to lockdown could be considered in all districts if situation gets out of hand


Cypriot authorities are scrambling to contain the virus spreading out of Limassol, with test results over the weekend suggesting the government could be forced to impose stricter lockdown-like measures either locally or nationally.

There were 36 coronavirus cases detected over the weekend, 10 on Saturday and 26 on Sunday, with random testing and samples in other health categories being taken mainly in Limassol and Larnaca.

According to local health experts, new measures could be needed to contain the recent coronavirus spike in Limassol while adding that the stricter measures, similar to the lockdown back in Spring, could be announced across the Republic of Cyprus.

Local media quoted officials saying more information and a clearer picture would be attained early this week, after enough testing was expected to show patterns of the COVID-19 spread.

Officials were worried about transmission between towns after it emerged that three randomly detected cases in Limassol were linked to a Larnaca visitor from the US who violated protocols

Officials were particularly worried about transmission between towns after it emerged that three cases in Limassol, who tested positive during random checks over the weekend, had been in contact with a woman who tested positive after traveling from the United States.

The woman, who had traveled from the United States -the new epicenter of the outbreak- had been told to self-isolate for two weeks. She reportedly did not comply but instead hosted a party for her daugther, attended social gatherings, and even traveled outside Larnaca. Reports said she was likely to face charges for breaking quarantine and transmitting an infectious disease.

"There wasn't a place that she didn't visit on the island," Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou said angrily last week on live TV, after reports emerged that the woman had traveled to Paphos and visited friends and relatives all over Cyprus.

Local media said 14 people in Larnaca, who came in contact with the carrier at a children's party or other social events, tested positive while 50 others tracked down through the contact tracing method were instructed to self-isolate.

Additional reports said one individual in a newly detected chain of infection in Larnaca emerged positive after attending a local party, with reports saying the same party was also attended by a young person who had been at a social gathering with the woman, who was instructed to remain in self-isolation.

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