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3,000 Ukrainian refugees to be evicted from hotels by end of month

Authorities to implement plan to find work for able-bodied refugees, who can apply for housing subsidy after eviction from hotels.

Source: Schengen Visa Info

Cypriot authorities plan to evict about 3,000 Ukrainian refugees currently living in hotels in Cyprus by the end of this month.

As reported by, a Ukrainian information portal for help, according to the law adopted in February last year, Ukrainian refugees arriving in Cyprus from March 1, 2023, will have the right to stay in local hotels in the country for no more than six months.

In addition, Cypriot authorities have started to implement a plan to find work for able-bodied Ukrainians currently residing in Cyprus.

Meanwhile, after they are expelled from hotels, they can apply to the Benefits Management Service of the Deputy Minister of Social Security and apply for a housing subsidy.

In this regard, the Deputy Minister of Tourism of Cyprus noted that he would organize meetings with employers in the tourism industry to discuss employment opportunities for refugees.

The hotels in Cyprus that will continue to host Ukrainians after the holiday season will be selected by tender.

Data provided by the statistical agency of the European Union, Eurostat, has revealed that Cyprus has become the country with the largest number of registered refugees who have been granted temporary protection status compared to the country’s population in the EU.

Such data also show that Cyprus has 1.1 Ukrainians with temporary protection status per 1,000 inhabitants, while the Czech Republic ranks second in Europe in terms of this indicator, with 0.9 Ukrainians with temporary protection per 1,000 inhabitants.

In absolute numbers, during February, there were 1,035 individuals in Cyprus, among them 295 children.

The number of Ukrainian refugees fell in 19 of the 26 EU member states that provided data. However, the number rose in Cyprus from 935 in January this year to 1,035 in February.

By December 31, last year, a total of 13,893 individuals had registered for temporary protection and by February 28, 2023, a number of 15,338 had registered.

Currently, 21 hotels and apartments are hosting Ukrainian refugees in Cyprus. Nineteen in the district of Famagusta, one in Agros (District of Limassol) and one in Polis Chrysochous (District of Paphos).

As a result, approximately 2,900 individuals are currently accommodated in state-funded accommodation.

Besides, beneficiaries of temporary protection are entitled to receive social assistance and subsistence support when they lack sufficient resources.

Thus, a single person has the right to benefit from an amount of €340. At the same time, each dependent family member over the age of fourteen receives €170, and each dependent member under the age of fourteen is entitled to €100.

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