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318 new cases as Famagusta hospital nears capacity

The Famagusta general hospital, the island’s designated coronavirus healthcare centre, is currently treating 70 coronavirus patients, leaving just five beds available


A total of 318 new coronavirus cases were detected on Tuesday, when 10,962 tests were conducted, raising total cases to 10,883.

Among the 318 new cases, 132 involved people who had previously tested positive to rapid tests and whose infection was confirmed by a PCR test.

Of the total of 10,962 tests conducted on Tuesday, 3,233 involved PCR tests, among which 186 positive cases were detected. 78 were contacts, 67 were people who took the initiative to get tested, 11 were arrivals to Cyprus airports, 22 were people who got tested at general hospitals, and three were tested either as part of special health groups or upon the referral of their GP.

The program testing workers falling under exception categories to the Limassol and Paphos travel bans detected five cases in Limassol.

Cyprus hospitals are currently treating a total of 131 coronavirus patients, 70 of which are at the Famagusta general hospital, with five in the ICU. The Nicosia general hospital is also treating 25 patients, 14 of which are in the ICU where 12 are intubated. 24 more coronavirus patients are at the Limassol general hospital, while seven more are at the Makario hospital in Nicosia. An additional five coronavirus patients are at the Athalassa mental hospital.

Meanwhile, the Eden resort in Tersefanou is currently hosting 85 people in isolation, who will remain there until their recovery from their coronavirus infection is confirmed.

With the Famagusta general hospital, the island’s designated coronavirus healthcare centre, treating 70 coronavirus patients, doctors and nurses raised the alarm on Tuesday as just five beds remain empty there.

Informed sources said there is a plan to transfer coronavirus patients to coronavirus wards of other hospitals if more people require admission to the Famagusta general hospital.

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