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43 new coronavirus cases detected in Cyprus

The daily coronavirus count may be decreasing, but the health ministry said that one in every 25 members of the Cyprus public tested came back positive for the virus


The Cyprus health ministry announced 43 new coronavirus cases on Monday, which emerged after 2,558 tests and raised total known cases since the outbreak of the virus in March to 2,687.

The majority (1,577) of tests involved arrivals to Cyprus airports, where four new cases were detected.

The remaining 39 new cases were detected locally, and emerged among the 981 samples collected through contact tracing efforts, in the framework of ongoing government sampling programs, and from people who took the initiative to get tested. As such, the health ministry said that one in 25 who were tested from among the Cyprus community tested positive for the virus.

Specifically, 18 new cases were contacts, 14 were people who took the initiative to get tested, five were people who got tested at general hospitals, and two were part of special health groups or got referred for testing by their GP.

The Famagusta general hospital is currently treating 19 coronavirus patients, of which one is in the ICU. Two more coronavirus patients are intubated at the Nicosia general hospital’s ICU, while two more are receiving treatment at a coronavirus ward.

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