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51 new cases detected in Cyprus

Total known cases reached 2,181, but the health ministry said it was still looking into the new cases and couldn't provide any information on them for the time being


51 new coronavirus cases were detected on Wednesday, the health ministry announced.

The new cases emerged after 2,291 tests were conducted, and raised total known cases in the Republic of Cyprus to 2,181.

However, the health ministry said it wasn’t in a position to give out specific details on the new cases as they are still being looked into, with announcements to be made once the process is completed.

The Famagusta general hospital is currently treating four coronavirus patients, while two patients remain intubated at the Nicosia general ICU. Two more coronavirus patients are receiving treatments at other hospitals.

On Wednesday, the health ministry moved to impose stricter measures that will apply islandwide.

As of Thursday, a mandatory face mask rule will apply to all indoor areas when more than two people are present, with anyone failing to adhere to the new rule to be subject to a €300 fine.

The new rule applies to people over the age of 12, and to all indoor areas except private residences. Also, those who are actively drinking or eating in restaurants, exercising in gyms or dance schools etc, professional cooks while cooking, are not required to wear a mask,

Also exempt are people with mental or development disorders who are unable to comply with face mask use, as are people with several neurological or neuromuscular diseases who are unable to wear a mask, and people who have antomical deformities or injuries.

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