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74% of Cypriots want higher EU budget to tackle pandemic

A study conducted by the European Parliament in the last half of June also found that 85% of Cyprus residents want the EU to get more involved in public health matters


Three in four Cypriots believe the EU needs additional economic means in order to deal with the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic, a study conducted by the European Parliament during the second half of June showed.

A majority of 56% of European citizens and an even greater portion of Cyprus nationals (74%), believes that the EU needs to boost economic means in view of effectively dealing with the blow of the pandemic.

Additionally, 85% of Cyprus nationals said they believe the EU needs heightened responsibilities in terms of public health, while almost seven in ten (68%) of EU-wide participants stated that the EU should play a more prominent role in dealing with the current crisis.

Also high, at 53%, was the portion of people who continue to be disappointed with the lack of solidarity shown by member states during the pandemic, but the figure of those with a more positive opinion on the matter increased by 5% compared to April.

Additionally, a whopping 57% of Europeans stated that they faced personal financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic.

Participants of the study prioritized public health, while economic recovery and the climate were also described as important.

The study took place online, while participants from Cyprus and Malta were also reached via telephone, by Kantar between June 11 and 29. It featured the participation of 24,798 people from across the 27 EU member states.

Discussing the results of the study, EP President David Sassoli said “the results clearly show that the public expects from the EU a greater level of solidarity and action with the aim of recovery. They also recognize the need to boost the EU budget in order to deal with the unprecedented repercussions of the pandemic to the economy and our society. In the framework of ongoing budget negotiations, the Parliament supports those who seek a more effective and ambitious EU.”

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