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91 new coronavirus cases in Cyprus

The health ministry said the virus is being rampantly transmitted among the local community, as 1 in 13 tested positive, as did 1 in 10 contacts


91 new coronavirus cases were detected on Monday from among 2,285 lab tests, raising total known cases in the Republic of Cyprus to 3,636.

Of the 2,285 lab tests, 1,237 involved samples collected at Cyprus airports, with 12 arrivals testing positive. As such, the majority, or 79 of Monday’s new cases, were detected among the local community.

According to the health ministry, the 79 members of the local community who tested positive emerged from among the 1,048 samples processed for the virus, meaning one in 13 tested positive.

Signalling that the virus is spreading uncontrolled, the health ministry said that as regards contacts of other known cases, one in 10 tested positive, as contact tracing efforts had rounded up 345 samples, from which 35 new cases were detected.

Monday’s new cases also included 25 who took the initiative to get tested, nine whose samples were collected at general hospitals, and 10 who were either part of special health groups or who were referred for testing by their GP after developing symptoms.

Currently, the Famagusta general hospital is treating 25 coronavirus patients, four of which are in the ICU. The Nicosia general hospital is also treating six coronavirus patients, four of which are in a coronavirus ward while two are intubated at the ICU.



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