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Affordable water soon in high-demand spots

Legislation aims to slash bottled water prices


Konstantinos Karagiorgis, director of the Consumer Service, is spearheading efforts to establish maximum retail prices in areas lacking sufficient competition.

Speaking to "SPOR FM 95.0" and "DIASPORA NEWS," Karagiorgis highlighted concerns about exorbitant prices, particularly for essential products like water in isolated locations such as beaches, airports, stadiums, and cinemas.

"We found that in some places where competition does not work, the most important product for us is water sold at excessively high prices," explained Karagiorgis.

To address this, legislation will be promoted to set water prices at significantly lower levels. The proposed law mandates that for every five waters sold at high prices, vendors must offer one at a more affordable rate.

Karagiorgis aims to complete the legislative review by January, sending it promptly to the Council of Ministers and Parliament for discussion. Optimistically, he envisions the bill being ready for use by April, particularly during the summer months.

In addition to this initiative, Karagiorgis provided updates on e-Kalathi, indicating ongoing efforts to finalize tender terms. The tender announcement is slated for January, with hopes that the department can introduce the tool by the summer.

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