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Turkey bans hit TV series over values clash

Religious sects slam TV drama


In a controversial move, Turkey's broadcasting regulator, RTUK, enforced a two-week ban on the hit series ''Kizil Goncalar'' (Crimson Buds), citing conflicts with ''society's national and spiritual values.''

As Reuters reports, RTUK, led by Ilhan Tasci, a board member from the main opposition, also imposed a 3% fine on Fox TV, triggering debates on freedom of expression.

Despite soaring ratings and 10 million YouTube views, "Kizil Goncalar" ignited immediate controversy for its portrayal of the religious-secular divide. RTUK, known for penalizing shows over moral concerns, faced backlash for perceived restrictions on freedoms, particularly related to LGBTQ+ rights.

Producer Faruk Turgut defended the series as a reflection of Turkey's societal realities, emphasizing the need for open discussions. Turgut declared resilience in the face of opposition, stating, "They declared war on us, but we will fight until the end," as the clash intensified.

RTUK Chairman Ebubekir Sahin, aligned with President Erdogan's AK Party, revealed public outrage and vandalized billboards in Istanbul. Pro-government media labeled the show Islamophobic, resulting in the cancellation of filming permits.

The Ismailaga Brotherhood, a prominent religious sect, condemned the series for targeting religion, Allah, and the Quran.

Ilhan Tasci accused RTUK of capitulating to "cults and sects," highlighting the escalating tensions between media, regulators, and societal values in Turkey.

[With information sourced from Reuters]

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