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Confirmed conflict of interest sparks urgent calls for accountability

Audit Service challenges accountability, urges action as findings reveal complexities


In a recent announcement, the Audit Service acknowledges the Independent Authority against Corruption's findings concerning three complaints filed by Auditor General Odysseas Michaelides against Assistant Attorney General Savvas Angelides. The Authority confirms the existence of a conflict of interest but states that there is insufficient evidence to establish corruption offenses, prompting a nuanced response from the Audit Service. While commending the Authority's professionalism, the Audit Office contends that the identified conflict of interest underscores the immediate need to address the unaccountability of the Attorney General.

The Audit Service draws attention to the case's significance, asserting it as the second instance challenging the state's commitment to combating corruption, following a similar case involving a deposed former Attorney General. The statement from the Audit Office expresses concerns about the non-serious and unsubstantiated manner in which criminal proceedings are suspended, emphasizing potential abuse of power even if corruption offenses are not substantiated.

Additionally, the Audit Service unveils three pending complaints related to suspensions of criminal proceedings. These complaints touch on conflict of interest in the black van illegal surveillance case, serious tax matters involving a company with public influence, and the suspension of proceedings against five individuals accused of various offenses related to a public contract. The Audit Service calls upon the President to implement measures for the immediate separation of powers between the public prosecutor and legal adviser, criticizing government attempts to expand the Attorney General's powers. The statement concludes by welcoming the Authority's definition of "abuse of power," considering it vital for examining numerous cases forwarded to the Authority.

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