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Thymeli Project Awards shine on 2024 productions

31 winning proposals announced for Thymeli Project


The Deputy Ministry of Culture has finalized the selection process for the Thymeli Project, revealing 31 outstanding proposals from 18 theatre companies.

Aimed at fostering innovation in theatrical productions, the chosen repertoires promise to bring fresh perspectives and expressive elements to the stage.

With 36 applications from 19 theatre organizations, the competition showcased a vibrant theatre landscape. The Application Evaluation Committee, comprising five experts appointed by the Deputy Minister of Culture, rigorously assessed the proposals based on merit and transparency.

Applauding the participating theatre groups, the Ministry of State highlights the commendable artistic and qualitative criteria that secured high scores for selected productions.

For a detailed ranking and sponsorship information for theatre productions and tours in the first half of 2024, visit the Ministry of State for Culture's website.

As the curtains close on this selection, the Ministry of State for Culture gears up for the THYMELI Plan's announcement, shaping the professional theatre landscape for the second half of 2024.

Stakeholder input will be considered, ensuring a dynamic and inclusive theatrical future. Stay tuned for updates on the Ministry's website.

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