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Russia's unrelenting missile barrage claims 26 lives in Ukraine

Widespread attacks bring unprecedented casualties across Ukrainian cities

Source: CNN

Russia initiated its most significant air attack on Ukraine, deploying an array of 158 drones and missiles that struck various cities, resulting in a devastating toll. At least 26 people lost their lives, and over 120 sustained injuries, prompting Ukrainian President Zelensky to vow a military response. The attacks targeted Kyiv, Dnipro's maternity hospital, Kharkiv, Odesa, and Lviv, indicating a widespread and coordinated assault.

The onslaught began overnight and continued into Friday, with Ukraine's air force recording 9 Tu-95MS strategic bombers departing from a Russian airfield. The attackers employed hypersonic Kinzhal missiles, cruise missiles, and Shahed drones, marking an unprecedented level of aggression. Despite Ukraine's air defense claiming successful interception of many threats, the sheer scale of the assault overwhelmed the defenses.

In Kyiv, a metro station and residential buildings were targeted, resulting in at least three fatalities and 28 injuries. Kharkiv faced a "massive attack," with over 20 strikes reported, including hits on a hospital, claiming at least three lives and injuring 11. The southern region of Zaporizhzhia experienced ten missile strikes, leading to four deaths and numerous injuries. Odesa witnessed strikes on a school building, causing seven injuries and three fatalities.

The timing of the assault is noteworthy, occurring shortly after Ukraine received the last package of military aid from the United States. This follows a major blow to Russia's Black Sea fleet when Ukraine struck a Russian Navy landing ship in Crimea earlier in the week.

Amid the chaos, European leaders, including European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, expressed solidarity with Ukraine. However, Hungary's blockage of the latest proposed EU aid package has created challenges.

As the situation escalated, the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv issued a warning of potential increased Russian drone and missile attacks during the New Year holiday weekend.

The Ukrainian people, facing intensified airstrikes, continue to seek international support and assistance to counter Russia's relentless aggression. The situation remains fluid, with ongoing efforts to assess the full extent of the damage and casualties.

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