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Aging channel in Oroklini raises alarming flood risks

Neglected water channel poses risk to 7,575 residents

Charalambos Stylianou

In Oroklini, an aging earthen channel crucial for rainwater management is on the verge of closure, posing a flood risk for Cyprus's largest community.

According to a report on Philenews, constructed 40 years ago and last cleaned in 1986, the neglected channel raises alarming concerns for the safety of the 7,575 residents amid rapid urban development.

Addressing the parliamentary Internal Affairs committee, community leader Neofytos Fakontis expressed worries about the persistent passing of responsibility among government services.

The aftermath of floods during 2014-2016 in Larnaca and Aradippou serves as a stark reminder, with no substantial measures taken for future risk mitigation.

Prophitis Elias Hill, a key area in Oroklini's growth, has witnessed intensive construction over the past two decades. The earthen channel, crucial for redirecting rainwater into a concrete discharge leading to Oroklini Lake, is now nearly closed due to landslides and overgrowth.

Fakontis emphasized the urgent need for cleaning, particularly at the channel's end, to avert potential disaster.

In response to the escalating risk, the Oroklini Community Council took proactive steps, leasing machinery to create a new earthen channel. This strategic move aims to ensure the flow of rainwater during heavy downpours, a crucial step in safeguarding the community.

Despite the Oroklini Community Council's proactive measures, the lack of government intervention in channel maintenance raises significant concerns.

The vulnerable state of the earthen channel, combined with the rapid growth of the residential area, demands urgent attention, as reported by Philenews.

With the threat of floods looming, the community remains at risk, underscoring the immediate need for coordinated efforts to secure Oroklini's future against potential environmental hazards.

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