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All you need to know to renew your road tax license

Registrations begin on Wednesday, 4th of January until Saturday, March 11, 2023

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The following is a notice from the Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Works (Department of Road Transport) regarding the renewal of vehicle registration permits for the year 2023:

The renewal of vehicle registration permits for 2023 will begin on Wednesday, January 4, 2023 until Saturday, March 11, 2023, at 23:59.  Permits can be renewed for a period of three, six, nine, or twelve months. Following Saturday's deadline, a surcharge of EUR 10 plus 10% of the renewal fee (corresponding to the amount due for the current year) will be applied.

Registration renewals must be accompanied by a Certificate of suitability or roadworthiness (MOT) and proof of insurance.

To avoid a potential system overload that could result in inconvenience, TOM advises everyone to make sure they renew their vehicle's license in plenty of time and not to wait until the last few days.

Remember to notify TOM to immobilize your vehicle if you renewed your vehicle registration for the year 2022 but do not plan to renew it for the following year, 2023. The Road Transport Department's ( TOM website also offers an online immobilization option. In any other case, you're still obligated to pay the registration fee's associated sum.

Vehicles whose registration permit for the year 2022 has not been renewed and which have not been registered as immobilized will be deleted from the TOM register if the amount due for the year 2022 is not paid and the registration permit for the year 2023 is not renewed by midnight on Saturday 11.3.2023.

In the event of vehicle destruction, an application for cancellation of vehicle registration (form TOM 98A) should be submitted to the TOM, along with a "Certificate of Destruction" issued by a licensed vehicle waste treatment facility, to exempt the vehicle owner from the obligation to pay registration fees from the date of vehicle destruction.

Registration permits can be renewed throughout the year, online, at Banks, KEPs, Provincial Offices of the Department of Postal Services and Provincial Offices of the TOM.

No notices will be sent to vehicle owners for renewal of registration permits.

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