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Allegations of fake degrees prompt investigation into pharmacists

Pharmaceutical authorities and police collaborate to address serious concerns in the profession


Concerns regarding pharmacists potentially holding forged degrees have been raised and are now under investigation by Pharmaceutical Services in collaboration with the Police.

Elena Panagiotopoulou, Director of Pharmaceutical Services, disclosed in an interview on OMEGA's midday show "News Now" that, following received information, it was discovered that a particular individual did not attend or receive a degree from the claimed university as documented.

Panagiotopoulou stated, "The complaint was swiftly reported to the police, and the individual in question was immediately notified, given the opportunity to clarify specific details. Should the responses prove unsatisfactory, we will promptly proceed with revoking the pharmacist's professional license. Additional cases of forgery from a specific country are also under investigation, and there is suspicion of further instances."

Both the Pharmaceutical Authority and the Police are actively investigating the matter. Panagiotopoulou emphasized the severity of the issue, stating, "As soon as we became aware of the information, we took immediate action." She highlighted that a comprehensive examination of pharmacists' degrees will be conducted, particularly those who graduated from the specific university where forgery was identified within the last 10 years.

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