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Amsterdam crowned ultimate tourist hotspot in Europe

Amsterdam could be your passport to European capital adventure

Source: Schengen Visa Info

Amsterdam has been announced as Europe’s best capital city destination to visit as a tourist in 2023, leaving behind popular destinations like Rome, Paris, and London.

Research conducted by VisaGuide.World, has shed light on what travelers value most when visiting a destination in 2023, and based on the same factors, Europe’s best capital destinations to be a tourist in post-pandemic.

According to the research, following the end of the pandemic, tourists are more focused on how the country where they are heading will welcome and treat them instead of only taking into consideration the things worth seeing and doing during their trip.

In a survey, 1200 travelers from 32 different countries have listed safety and hospitality as the two top factors they consider when traveling somewhere, followed by the ability to communicate, and affordability, reports.

“To them, it is of utmost importance to be able to communicate with the locals at hotels, restaurants, and other places without having to use translation apps, even though they consider these apps very valuable,” the report says.

Based on the outcome of this survey, VisaGuide.World has established a list of European capital cities and compared them according to the factors that travelers claim to take into consideration most when travelling, according to which, Amsterdam is the top destination that meets travellers’ current expectations.

The research has called Amsterdam’s positioning in the first place “not surprising” pointing out that the city is widely-loved not only due to the freedom it offers to weed smokers, but also due to its numerous canals, beautiful buildings and streets, WW2 memorials, and its rich culture, cuisine and hospitality.

At the same time, the Dutch are the world’s most proficient non-native English speakers, and Europe’s third friendliest nation just behind the Italians and the Spanish.

Visiting Amsterdam is also cheaper than visiting many of the famous EU capitals, as travelers can spend a week in the city with a budget between only €280 and €350.

Second in VisaGuide’s list is Rome, followed by Croatia’s capital city of Zagreb, and then fourth, is listed London. While Rome and London are amongst the world’s most famous tourist spots, Zagreb has ranked third mainly due to its affordability and hospitality.

Full list of the top ten best European capitals to be a tourist in and their scores:

Amsterdam, Netherlands – 30.2
Rome, Italy – 24.3
Zagreb, Croatia – 23.7
London, United Kingdom – 23.5
Lisbon, Portugal – 23.3
Madrid, Spain – 22.9
Prague, Czech Republic – 22.0
Paris, France – 20.2
Berlin, Germany – 17.2
Vienna, Austria – 16.7

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