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Anastasiadis intervenes in the conference on Libya with messages to Turkey

The President demanded full compliance of third countries with UN resolutions


The President of the Republic, Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis participated today in the Paris International Conference on Libya, following an invitation from the President of the French Republic, Mr. Emanuel Macron.

During his speech at the Conference, President Anastasiadis noted that what is happening in Libya affects first and foremost the Libyan people, but at the same time has a great impact on neighboring countries and regional stability.

The President of the Republic pointed out that - coming from a country that faces similar problems of military intervention, violation of international law and neo-colonial approaches - he is fully committed to the will of the international community to work collectively to end foreign intervention immediately.

It is also extremely important to have full compliance from third countries that are destabilizing factors in the country, full compliance with UN resolutions and decisions, such as compliance with the arms embargo, but also respect for the principles and values ​​dictated by international law, of the Sea and the Charter of the United Nations.

President Anastasiadis added that a necessary condition for achieving the coveted stability in Libya is the withdrawal of all foreign troops and mercenaries from the country. In addition, holding presidential and parliamentary elections as scheduled is also crucial, in order to allow a government with democratic legitimacy to work towards maintaining Libya's independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and prosperity.

He concluded by saying that the Republic of Cyprus, as a neighboring Mediterranean country and a Member State of the European Union, remains committed to assisting - to the best of its ability - in fulfilling the objectives set out in the Joint Declaration of the Paris International Conference on Libya, implementation of which will pave the way to allow the Libyan people to decide their future, free from outside interference.

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