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Another whistleblower sparks concerns over Boeing 787 Dreamliner safety

Engineer's revelations prompt FAA investigation into alleged manufacturing flaws


FAA Probes Allegations of Structural Defects on Boeing 787 Dreamliner

According to the Washington Post, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is delving into fresh claims by a long-serving Boeing engineer asserting that sections of fuselages on the company's 787 Dreamliner planes have been improperly fastened together. This alarming revelation suggests that, over time, the aircraft could potentially weaken, posing a grave risk of midflight disintegration.

Sam Salehpour, a Boeing quality engineer, came forward on Tuesday, alleging that the rush to meet production quotas led to shortcuts in assembly processes, compromising the structural integrity of the aircraft. Salehpour revealed instances where pieces of the plane's fuselage were not properly aligned and joined, with workers resorting to methods that could jeopardize the longevity of the jetliners.

Despite raising concerns internally, Salehpour claims to have faced dismissal and even physical threats from a supervisor. Subsequently, he brought his apprehensions to the attention of the FAA in January.

In response, the FAA emphasized the importance of reporting safety concerns without fear of retaliation, asserting its commitment to investigating all reports thoroughly.

Boeing swiftly refuted Salehpour's allegations, expressing full confidence in the 787 Dreamliner's safety. The company underscored its adherence to stringent engineering standards and regulatory oversight.

While Boeing acknowledged issues with fuselage fitting and joining in 2020, it insists that comprehensive corrective measures have been implemented under FAA supervision.

Salehpour is set to testify before the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, further amplifying the scrutiny on Boeing's operational practices.

Amidst ongoing fallout from previous safety lapses, including the 737 Max crisis, Boeing faces renewed pressure to fortify its commitment to safety and quality assurance.

[Source: Washington Post]

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