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Immigrant takes fatal plunge during immigration raid

Investigation launched after illegal alien fatally injured in desperate escape attempt


In a tragic turn of events, an immigration raid conducted by officers from the Aliens and Immigration Service in Limassol ended in disaster when a suspect, in a bid to evade authorities, plunged to his death.

According to statements from the scene by Limassol CID Chief Lefteris Kyriakou, officers entered an apartment building after receiving information about illegal aliens residing there. Upon entry, two individuals attempted to flee, resulting in one jumping from a window and suffering fatal injuries, while another leaped from a balcony and sustained severe injuries.

Kyriakou revealed that a total of eleven illegal residents were discovered in the apartment. He explained the standard procedure followed during checks, likening it to a population registration process.

The tragic incident has sparked concerns about law enforcement's response and raised questions about the proportionality of measures taken during such operations. Maria Stylianou-Lottidi, speaking to "SPOR FM 95.0" and "DIASPORA NEWS," emphasized the need for a thorough investigation to ascertain whether authorities acted within their legal bounds.

Describing the fleeing suspect's actions as an "act of desperation," Stylianou-Lottidi stressed the importance of understanding the underlying reasons to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

An ex-officio investigation by the Commissioner for Administration and Human Rights is likely to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the incident, aiming to ensure accountability and prevent future mishaps during immigration enforcement operations.

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