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John Malkovich shines in 'The Infamous Ramires Hoffman' at the Cyprus Theatre Festival

Renowned actor teams up with pianist Anastasya Terenkova for a captivating adaptation of Roberto Bolaño's novel


Renowned actor John Malkovich and acclaimed pianist Anastasya Terenkova are set to captivate audiences with their production of "The Infamous Ramires Hoffman" at the Cyprus International Theatre Festival.

Adapted from the novel by Chilean author Roberto Bolaño, the performances are scheduled for May 15 and 16 as part of the CITF at the Pattiheio Theatre in Limassol. Tickets are now available for purchase.

"The Infamous Ramires Hoffman" is a musical one-man show that delves into the final chapter of Bolaño's "Nazi Literature in America." The narrative revolves around the fictional writer Ramirez Hoffman, who exploits the 1973 coup in Chile to spearhead a propaganda campaign justifying torture and murder.

Director John Malkovich takes on the central role of Ramirez Hoffman, accompanied by a trio of musicians—violinist Alissa Margulis, bandoneonist Per Arne Glorvigen, and pianist Anastasya Terenkova. The production features compositions by Astor Piazzolla, Alfred Schnittke, Leonid Desyatnikov, Antonio Vivaldi, Giovanni Sollima, Alberto Iglesias, and other renowned composers.

Malkovich and Terenkova have masterfully crafted a theatrical experience that seamlessly intertwines captivating storytelling with the evocative melodies of tango, spanning traditional to contemporary interpretations.

Malkovich shared insights into the production, stating, "The Infamous Ramirez Hoffman explores the intersection of aesthetics and morality, emphasizing the value of art above all else. Bolaño's narrative sheds light on fictionalized accounts of Nazis, with Ramirez Hoffman's story taking center stage."

Terenkova reflected on the project, expressing, "This endeavor delves into the enigmatic realm of human nature, weaving a narrative that transcends consciousness through the synergy of music and text. Music possesses an unparalleled power to evoke emotions and spark introspection."

The Cyprus International Theatre Festival (CITF) promises to be a cultural extravaganza, featuring premieres from renowned theatrical talents worldwide. Kicking off on April 29 with a screening of "Apocalypse Tomorrow" by Berlin-based Kirill & Friends, CITF offers a diverse program encompassing avant-garde theatre, dance performances, and spoken dramas.

Beyond showcasing the performing arts, CITF serves as a platform for fostering connections, with special events including film screenings, debates, and workshops. Performances and films will be presented in their original languages with subtitles, enriching the cultural experience for all attendees.

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