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Anti-war rally tonight in Nicosia calling for peace in Gaza

Pancyprian Peace Council organizes peaceful protest in support of Gaza and calls for international action


Another anti-war protest is set to occur on the evening of Friday, October 20th, at Eleftherias Square. This follows a peaceful march organized by the Pancyprian Peace Council known as Gate 9, which took place without any issues. The forthcoming anti-war event, titled "STOP THE WAR IN GAZA," will be held at Eleftheria Square.

The event is scheduled to commence at 18:30, followed by a peaceful march through Nicosia's main thoroughfares. As with previous gatherings, authorities are taking measures to ensure the safety of demonstrators and maintain order to prevent any incidents. During the Gate 9 march, which originated at PASYDY and ended at the Israeli Embassy, participants were accompanied by a robust presence of Police and the Crime prevention unit.

In a statement released by the Pancyprian Peace Council:

On Friday, October 20, at 18:30, as part of an anti-war event aimed at bringing an end to the conflict in Gaza, a march will be organized along Nicosia's primary streets, culminating in a rally at Eleftherias Square.

We extend an invitation to all peace activists and organized groups to join us in demanding a halt to the ongoing atrocities committed by the State of Israel in Gaza. The situation in Gaza amounts to genocide, as seen in the indiscriminate bombings targeting civilians, hospitals, and schools. These actions starkly reveal the State of Israel's intentions regarding the Palestinian issue.

We call on the international community and EU Member States to heed the UN Secretary-General's call and take action to secure a ceasefire and enable the delivery of international humanitarian aid to Gaza. Simultaneously, we call for an end to the blockade of Gaza, the protracted Israeli occupation, and the colonization of Palestine, with the goal of establishing an independent, sovereign Palestinian state in accordance with UN Resolutions.

We express our solidarity and support for the long-suffering Palestinian people and the peace-focused groups within Israel that are working towards peace and security in the Middle East.

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