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Archaeologists discover key features of historic Cypriot city

Archaeological excavations shed light on the ancient city of Nea Paphos


Exciting new discoveries about the ancient city of Nea Paphos have come to light thanks to a joint excavation by teams from the Universities of Warsaw and Krakow, working with the Cyprus Department of Antiquities. This marks the end of their fourth research season on the project “MA-P Maloutena and Agora.”

The archaeologists focused on figuring out the layout of Nea Paphos' city blocks. They found two old walls that might be part of a house from the Hellenistic period, and some ancient canals. These discoveries helped them confirm that the city block between the two main streets was 105 meters wide.

They also made important discoveries around the Agora, the central public space in ancient Greek cities. They confirmed the importance of street P, which connected several major parts of the city, including the Agora, the theatre, and the city’s western gate.

The team also conducted geophysical surveys and documented architectural details from past digs.

As part of their efforts, the archaeologists hosted a two-week International Summer School called "Augmented Archaeology." Students from Cyprus, Germany, Lebanon, Poland, and the UK participated, thanks to funding from the University of Warsaw's Excellence Initiative Programme.

[With information from CNA]

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