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Arrest of 24-year-old trafficker

Port and naval police to intercept new arrival


Yesterday morning around 10 a.m., a speedboat carrying 7 undocumented migrants was intercepted by the Port and Naval Police approximately 11 nautical miles southeast of Cape Greco.

Due to the immobilization of their vessel, the individuals were safely embarked on the Police Boat, while their boat was towed away.

Following a secure transfer to the Paralimni Fishing Shelter and as part of the ongoing investigation, a testimony emerged against a 24-year-old individual who was identified as the boat's navigator. Consequently, he was apprehended by the authorities. The remaining individuals were transported to the Temporary Accommodation Center in Pournara.

The Ammochostos Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is currently conducting further examinations and inquiries into the matter.

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