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Averof: Russian consulate in occupied areas ''Extremely Dangerous''

Walking the tightrope between Russian interests and Western alignment


In a written statement, Averof Neofytou expressed deep reservations about Cyprus' intricate diplomatic position. Neofytou highlighted the complex juggling act that Cyprus finds itself performing between Western perceptions and Russian interests.

Neofytou's statement underscores the critical importance of maintaining prestige and garnering respect on the global stage. He asserts that achieving these crucial elements, vital for effectively advancing national interests, necessitates a combination of steadfast positions, long-term strategies, and unequivocal rhetoric.

Drawing attention to Cyprus' dual role, Neofytou lamented the nation's apparent image in the West as a nation that "turns a blind eye" to facilitate Russian interests, while Russia simultaneously categorizes Cyprus as a hostile entity. This classification is evident through the measures Russia has taken against the nation. Neofytou warns that the culmination of these geopolitical dynamics may be in the form of a rumored diplomatic maneuver concerning the occupied territories, a prospect he deems extremely perilous.

Neofytou remains resolute in his perspective, emphasizing the clarity of Cyprus' path forward. As a steadfast member of Europe and a pivotal guardian of Western interests in the region, Cyprus is committed to aligning itself with the choices of the Western world. This commitment, he asserts, entails taking a frontline position without reservations, avoiding audacious and shortsighted stances that could inadvertently propel the nation into unforeseen and risky endeavors.

The statement in full:

"We have "managed" to be seen in the West as a country that "turns a blind eye" to facilitate Russian interests, at the same time that Russia classifies us as a hostile country by taking measures against us, culminating in its rumored diplomatic move - a very dangerous development.  There is no other way for us. We belong to Europe, we are the bulwark of the West in our region, and we are aligning ourselves with the choices of the Western world, in the front line, without asterisks, without boastful, short-sighted positions that can only lead us into adventures."

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