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Planned Russian consulate paves way for 'direct' changes

Russia's direct fights to Ercan and consulate raise eyebrows


Amidst renewed claims and developments in diplomatic circles, Star Kibris newspaper affirms that direct flights from Russia to the occupied territories are on the horizon. The publication points to the inauguration of a Russian consulate in the pseudo-state, emphasizing that this move could pave the way for the much-anticipated direct flights. This development comes six months after initial assertions were made, and the newspaper contends that these prospects are now closer than ever.

Referring to an official telegram dispatched by the Russian news agency TASS, which included statements from the Russian Ambassador in Nicosia, Star Kibris emphasizes the significance of these unfolding events. The newspaper underscores that what was once merely a claim half a year ago has now been officially acknowledged and announced. Star Kibris firmly believes that this breakthrough lays the foundation for the realization of the primary claim concerning direct flights, a development eagerly anticipated by the estimated 50,000 Russians residing in the occupied territories.

An internal investigation regarding the plausibility of establishing direct flights from Russia is purportedly underway. Erhan Arikli, the "transport minister," is reportedly leading this inquiry. Notably, while European skies remain largely off-limits to Russian planes, the pseudo-state, along with Turkey, remains open to such flights.

Navigating the complex web of aviation regulations, the newspaper elaborates on the three permits necessitated for flights between nations. The first mandate involves clearance from the departing country, while the second pertains to securing passage through the airspace of the countries en route. The potential hurdle of an aircraft departing from Russia and landing in the unauthorized Tymbou airport via Turkey is acknowledged. However, Star Kibris asserts that this obstacle could be surmounted by establishing a specialized airline focused solely on ferrying passengers between Russia, Turkey, and the Pseudo-State.

Kudret Özersay, in a televised appearance today, disclosed that past interactions during his tenure as "foreign minister" included discussions with Russian officials expressing interest in extending services similar to those rendered by the Americans and British to their nationals in the occupied territories. He underscored the Russian intention to facilitate services like obtaining birth certificates for their citizens living in these areas.

Ozersay reiterated that Russia's stance on the Cyprus issue remains unaltered, with no intentions of recognizing the pseudo-state. This mirrors the stance previously communicated by the Russian Foreign Ministry during prior reports on the consulate matter. The primary objective, Ozersay reiterated, is to address the needs of Russian citizens in the occupied territories without endorsing recognition.

In parallel developments, the Avrupa headline echoed the sentiments of the TASS cable, interpreting the opening of a Russian consulate in the occupied territories as a diplomatic maneuver with implications for the RoC government.

Notably, Vulcan newspaper harks back to October 12, 2022, when it ran a front-page feature titled "Direct Flights from Russia and Consulate in Tskov," capturing the early inklings of the now-unfolding events.

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