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Barn fire kills over 1000 pigs in Nicosia

Mother pigs and their piglets die brutal death after fire tears through swine barn near Meniko


A herd of mother pigs and about a thousand piglets burned to death on Monday night in Nicosia district, after a fire broke out in a barn along a rural road.

An animal farm along the Meniko – Ayios Ioannis road was engulfed in flames on Monday evening, with 96 mother pigs and their piglets burning to death, with the total loss of animal life exceeding 1000.

The exact start time of the fire was not immediately known, but according to fire department spokesperson Andreas Kettis, the Service responded to the fire at 8:44pm with four fire tracks from various stations in Nicosia rushing to the scene.

The blaze was contained in the night while fire fighters remained on site through the morning to respond to possible resurgence incidents, officials said, with Kettis also writing on Twitter that the cause of the fire would be the subject of an investigation on Tuesday.

Fire department officials are joining forces with inspectors from the Electrical and Mechanical Department to determine the cause of the fire, according to local media, while police investigators have also joined in without foul play being ruled out from the get go.

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