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Cause of death unknown in farmhouse fire

Investigators rule out foul play but cannot pin point cause of death or origin of fire


The charred body of an elderly person, found in a rural Nicosia farmhouse last week following a late night fire, has been identified but forensic experts have not been able to determine a cause of death.

DNA tests confirmed this week that the identity of an elderly man, whose charred body was recovered following a fire in Ayious Trimithias, belonged to 75-year-old Costas Pafitis.

It remained unclear whether Pafitis burned to death or died of other causes unrelated to the fire

While authorities speculated early on that the body belonged to Pafitis, who was known to live on the farm and whose vehicle was parked outside his shed, reports said state forensic pathologists could not determine the cause of death.

Local media said the condition of the body was such that a post mortem did not lead forensic examiners to a safe conclusion on the cause of death.

Fire department investigators also could not ascertain what had caused the fire, with reports saying speculation pointed to either an electrical short-circuit or gas cylinder.

Additional media reports said investigators have ruled out foul play in the case, while it remained unclear whether Pafitis burned to death or died of other causes unrelated to the fire.

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