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Man gets 20 years for killing Grandpa Kokos

Larnaca criminal court hands down hefty sentence in death of town’s beloved grandpa


The man who was convicted for killing beloved Grandpa Kokos in Larnaca last year has been sentenced to 20 years in prison.

A panel of judges in a Larnaca criminal court handed down the long sentence to 21-year-old Michalis Christoforou, after he was found guilty of manslaughter in the death of 76-year-old Yiorgos “Kokos” Mavrommatis.

Grandpa Kokos, a beloved senior citizen in Larnaca, was attacked and brutally killed in January 2019. Initial reports suggested he had died in an accidental house fire but an autopsy later revealed he had also sustained multiple injuries.

According to court documents, Christoforou killed an elderly and vulnerable human being who was sleeping peacefully in his own bed.

'He grabbed him unexpectedly and threw him out of bed, striking him on the head and viciously stepping on him repeatedly'

“He grabbed him unexpectedly and threw him out of bed, striking him on the head and viciously stepping on him repeatedly. The victim could not resist and passed away,” the judges said.

Upon hearing his sentence, Christoforou’s mother started crying while the convicted killer started mumbling to himself.

“Oh God, oh God,” Christoforou uttered.

The young killer was also handed down additional concurrent sentences, eight years for arson, five years for robbery, and four years for burglary.

Christoforou’s relatives, who were also in the courtroom, protested against the manslaughter sentence, saying it was too long.

Grandpa Kokos had been a target in the past

Following Christoforou's arrest in the case, a number of witnesses came forward telling law enforcement officials that Grandpa Kokos had been a victim of theft in the past, with at least two young people visiting him frequently, hitting him, and stealing his money.

Two weeks prior to the attack, according to Christoforou's own confession, he went to rob Grandpa Kokos and managed to get away with €100 after using physical force.

Killer dealing with mental health issues

The confessed killer was described in local media as a drug addict with mental health issues. His lawyer told the judge that he was on prescription medication but failed to take his pills in the last couple of weeks.

During the remand hearing, Larnaca District judge Xenofon Xenofondos observed that the suspect appeared to have a smirk on his face and at times laughing.

“Stop laughing sir. This is a serious case,” the judge had told him.

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