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Beloved elderly man dies in Larnaca fire

Neighbours shocked as fire fighters retrieve the charred body of beloved low income pensioner


A senior citizen in Larnaca died in a house fire on Sunday, following an explosion of a gas cylinder in his residence.

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The charred body of 76-year-old Yiorgos “Kokos” Mavrommatis was discovered Sunday morning, shortly after fire fighters rushed to the scene around 7:10am and put out the fire.

He was placed in a retirement home but he would often escape and go back to his house where he felt more comfortable

Mavrommatis or Grandpa Kokos as he was known in the neighbourhood was alone in his home on Kimonos Street when a small gas cylinder exploded and started a fire.

According to reports, an initial fire from a cigarette was most likely the cause of the explosion and the ensuing second fire, which the old man apparently tried to put out. But officials believe he was overcome by fumes and collapsed to the floor.

Two fire trucks, police, and an ambulance from Larnaca General Hospital were waiting outside the residence while fire fighters were trying to extinguish the fire. But moments later, the man’s charred body was discovered.

Fire fighters said Grandpa Kokos most likely lost his balance and fell to the ground, but it was not immediately clear whether he died of smoke inhalation or burned to death.

Neighbours, who were the ones who dialed the emergency number, knew Grandpa Kokos and visited him often to keep him company and offer help. According to local media, the Social Welfare services had placed the senior citizen in a retirement home but he would often escape and go back to his house where he felt more comfortable.

Grandpa Kokos was said to be a low income pensioner whose home was described as unsuitable for living, with water leaks and the indoor environment simply frozen during cold weather.

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