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Beachgoers flocked to SBA beaches over weekend, 25 booked

British Bases police said that over 1,500 people visited the Lady's Mile and Curium beaches, with the majority conforming to measures in place


British Bases police booked 25 people over the weekend for violating coronavirus decrees while visiting the Lady’s Mile and Curium beaches in Limassol.

A press release by the SBA on Tuesday said that “as temperatures soared, officers patrolling the beaches confirmed that more than 1,500 people visited the areas and although the vast majority adhered to current measures, the police were keen to address the small minority that did not."

SBA Police Chief Constable, Chris Eyre, said that the SBA police urge the public to comply with the legislation which is in line with the measures taken in the Republic of Cyprus.

He went on to say that those found breaking COVID-19 related measures face a fine of up to €300 if caught, as is the case in territories of the Republic.

"Our job is to protect the health and safety of our citizens. The SBA Police do not set out to report members of the public, but the legislation will be implemented where necessary and fines will be given,” Eyre stressed.

Since legislation relating to movement and social distancing were implemented in March, the SBA police have issued 188 fines relating to breaches of measures. In May so far, 56 fines have been issued.

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