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Believers exchange blows outside church

Rival groups in Larnaca’s Orthodox old calendarist community involved in brawl after court ruling


Police had to step in when an altercation got physical outside a church in Larnaca district, after Orthodox followers reacted to a rival group that went to change the locks following a court ruling on ownership.

According to local media, angry Orthodox followers in Troulloi, Larnaca district, went to a local church in their community to stop another group of Orthodox believers from nearby Aradippou, who had gone to change locks on the building.

Police said the incident took place on Wednesday late afternoon, around 6pm, when some 50 people were involved in what was described as a physical altercation outside the church.

Local media described the two groups as Orthodox believers who follow the old calendar, after rejecting revisions a century ago prompting them to leave the Church of Cyprus.

Additional reports said both groups had claims on the building but the ownership question was settled in a court ruling earlier that day.

Police broke off the fight while officers were seen outside the church guarding the perimeter following the incident.

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