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Plainclothes issued police badges in Cyprus

Cyprus Police requires cops in civilian clothes to carry and show badges to public or fellow officers


Plainclothes law enforcement officers in the Republic of Cyprus will be required to carry a new readily distinguishable police badge, which must be displayed or shown promptly to members of the public.

Cyprus Police is issuing new badges to its members, with officers in civilian clothes required to have a police badge at all times while on duty in order to carry out their tasks in a proper and safe manner, officials said on Wednesday. 

A police wallet will include a badge holder with the metal badge emblem and an officer identification card, with the full name of the officer clearly visible.

Cypriot police officers in civilian clothes will be required to wear their badges in a readily distinguishable manner to be visible or displayed promptly and without delay to members of the public as well as other law enforcement officials.

Critics have in the past accused police officers of failing to produce a badge when imposing their authority or carrying out a specific law enforcement task, with criticism targeting both uniformed cops for identification purposes as well as officers in civilian clothes for verification purposes.

It was understood that special criteria may apply to undercover cops in terms of when they may be required to show a badge.

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