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Fake cops visit woman's apartment

Cyprus police warn public following complaint about two cop impersonators in Limassol


Cyprus police are telling the public to remain vigilant following a complaint where a woman says she was robbed by two cop impersonators who entered her residence on false pretenses. 

According to local media, two men visited a residential building in Limassol on Sunday evening where they used the intercom to gain unlawful entry into a 28-year-old woman’s apartment.

Reports said the woman answered her intercom buzzer around 8:30pm, with an unknown male on the other end telling her he was an official and wanted to carry out an inspection in accordance with a government decree on the measures against the coronavirus pandemic.

Police are warning members of the public not to allow entry to any unknown person unless they can be certain of his or her identity

The woman buzzed him in and seconds later she answered her door, with two men in civilian clothes saying they were police officers.

At least one man showed his civilian identification card, with one man staying with the woman in the living room while the other went to other rooms to check whether other individuals were present in the apartment.

Police did not provide details over the alleged incident but issued a statement warning members of the public not to allow entry to any unknown person unless they can be certain of his or her identity.

Additional reports said after the two men left the apartment, the woman noticed a small cash amount was missing from the kitchen.

According to online Reporter, both men spoke with a Greek Cypriot accent and left on a dark motorcycle.

One suspect was described as tall and slim with a stubble beard, while the other was said to be about 1.75m and had dark hair.

Police say police officers, whether dressed in uniform or plain clothes, cannot enter a residence unless they have a warrant or the tenant gives explicit consent to a search.

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