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Pet groomers among shops to reopen

Good news for pet owners whose furry friends can use a bath after long drawn lockdown


The department of veterinary services has clarified that pet groomers can open starting on Monday, during the initial phase of easing restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to local media, Veterinary Services officials from the Agriculture Ministry have issued a statement clarifying that pet grooming locations could open based on the latest measures going in effect on Monday.

A decree effective May 4 calls on businesses including pet grooming locations to strictly follow public health protocols in places of business, including social distancing both inside and outside an establishment.

Several retail businesses were set to open Monday in the Republic of Cyprus during the first of four phases, while shopping malls, hair salons and barber shops won’t be allowed to open until May 21.

While experts disagree on the number of times professional pet grooming should be done in a year, it is widely believed that spring is a great time for dog grooming as pollen and other allergens are most active during this time.

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