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No suspects in dog mass grave

Police and state veterinary officials have no suspects in dog mass grave in rural Nicosia


Police say they have no suspects yet in connection with a mass grave of dog carcasses that was discovered last month in rural Nicosia.

According to local media, several dog carcasses were found in plastic bags near Stavrovouni, Nicosia district, after a concerned citizen notified member of the Nicosia Dog Shelter.

About 15 to 20 dog carcasses stuffed in plastic garbage bags were found in the woods in the Stavrovouni area, with most of them in a state of decomposition while at least two had gunshot wounds to the head.

Investigators spoke with local representatives in the community as well as contractors who provide animal control services but found no suspects

Nicosia police and state veterinary services are jointly investigating an animal cruelty case, while Philenews reported on Tuesday that police investigators did not have any suspects.

According to reports, officers spoke with local representatives in the community as well as contractors who provide animal control services. But investigators say they have yet to come up with any information that would warrant any person being questioned about the case.

Media sources said the case involved not only animal cruelty but also other offences in connection with public health and protection of the environment.

An animal shelter representative said carrying out such criminal acts against animals was a “sad reality” on the island, attributing the abhorrent acts to a “serial killer.”

Veterinary services officials have confirmed suspicions in at least once case after a dog was found to have been shot in the head.

Reports said a complaint about the case was filed with police on February 10.


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