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Cabinet approves 25,000 free dog chips

Plan for 25,000 microchip implants for dogs revealed following Cabinet meeting


The Cabinet approved a plan on Wednesday through which up to 25,000 dogs would get microchipped for free.

Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis said 25,000 microchip implants would be made available in collaboration with Veterinary Services and a number organizations, such as Cyprus Hunting Federation, animal protection groups, and local committees.

According to Cyprus News Agency, the decision was taken as part of an effort to combat animal abuse and neglect but also dog theft.

A microchip implant is a simple and permanent form of animal registration that reveals a pet's unique dog ID or cat ID number when scanned. But current legislation does not require hunters to match the identity of their canines to their hunting licence.

The Cabinet-approved plan will run for four months or as long as microchip supplies last, whichever comes first

Cyprus Hunting Federation posted a comment on Facebook, thanking President Nicos Anastasaides, the agriculture minister, as well as Interior Minister Costas Petrides, while also pointing out their appreciation to the president’s advisor Antonis Kakoullis for suggesting, pushing for, and getting approved the free microchip programme.

CFA, which has thousands of members, has been lobbying for regulations that would allow the operation of fenced training facilities for hunting dogs. Earlier this month, the group praised steps that gave the green light to enact legislation regarding these facilities.

The Cabinet-approved plan will be presented in the following days, according to the agriculture ministry, and it will run for four months or as long as microchip supplies last, whichever comes first.

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