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Cat has run-in with police in Larnaca

Feline in precarious position visits Oroklini police station to get help


Police shared a video of a cat with its head stuck in a tin at Oroklini station in Larnaca, where officers managed to rescue and send it on its merry way.

According to a post on Twitter by Cyprus Police, a feline’s head had been stuck in a can when it showed up at the station. Officers who sprang into action were shown in a short video trying to help the kitten which was eventually freed from its predicament.

The video shows a female police officer properly holding the cat by the scruff, while a male officer is holding the tin and giving instructions to another colleague. After a failed attempt with scissors, the officers managed to remove the tin with the kitten escaping with only a bloody nose.

“Maybe out of instinct to get help, a kitten visited today the Oroklini Police Station with its head stuck in a tin can. Officers, who managed to hold the cat still and carefully remove the tin, were able to set it free, police wrote on Twitter.

There was no update on the feline’s condition as the cat is seen in the video quickly running away from the police station. 

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