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Kurdish man arrested at Larnaca airport

Alleged PKK member contesting extradition to Germany following his arrest at LCA


A man of Kurdish origins is contesting his extradition to Germany on terrorism-related charges, following his arrest on Thursday at Larnaca airport.

According to Kathimerini Cyprus, the Kurdish man was arrested on Thursday at Larnaca International Airport as he was attempting to board an outbound flight.

Local law enforcement officials detained the 60-year-old male suspect based on an international arrest warrant issued by German authorities in connection with crimes committed in that country between 2013 and 2015. Reports said the warrant described the suspect as a member of PKK, a leftist group formed in the late 1970’s and subsequently placed on the terrorist list almost two decades ago.

The warrant described the suspect as a member of PKK, a leftist group placed on a terrorist list

On Friday, a preliminary hearing was held at the Larnaca courthouse ahead of extradition proceedings, with the suspect refusing to give his consent to be extradited to Germany.

He reportedly also refused to surrender his passport or deposit bail money for his release, with the judge on the case ordering the suspect to remain in police custody at Nicosia Central Prisons.

The suspect was said to be a Turkish national of Kurdish background who has been living in the Republic of Cyprus for many years. He has also lived in Greece and Germany according to reports. He is believed to have obtained travel documents issued by Cypriot authorities.

Authorities in the Republic of Cyprus have up to 60 days for the court to rule on the German extradition request.

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