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Limassol cops arrest two in high risk takedown

Two suspects caught, one wanted for burglary in the south, other wanted for murder in the north


Two men were arrested in Limassol on Monday, with reports saying one suspect is wanted for a high profile heist in the south while the other is wanted for murder in the north.

According to local media, two men described as a Syrian male and a Kurdish man from Turkey were arrested in Limassol on Monday during a large-scale operation in the early morning hours.

Cops were tipped off and received information that two men were armed at a local hotel in Yermasoyia

Media reports said one of the suspects was wanted by authorities in the Republic of Cyprus in connection with a high profile heist in December 2017.

The second suspect, according to local media, is wanted by Turkish Cypriot authorities in connection to a murder case in the north.

Cops got wind of the two suspects following a tip off regarding their whereabouts, including information that two men were armed at a local hotel in Yermasoyia.

A large-scale operation was quickly set up outside the hotel, where heavily-armed police officers surrounded the area and managed to arrest the two suspects.

No reports of shots fired or injuries were reported, while police said a gun was found in the men’s possession.

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