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Berlin to Paris: First sleeper train in 20 years hits tracks

Emmanuel Macron's sleeper service vision takes night one


In a collaborative effort, SNCF and Deutsche Bahn, the French and German national train operators, join forces with Austrian company ÖBB to resurrect the night train experience across Europe.

As The Guardian reports, ÖBB, known for its "Nightjet" trains weaving through central Europe, will contribute rolling stock for this ambitious venture.

This endeavor aligns with President Emmanuel Macron's 2020 pledge to introduce 10 new sleeper services by 2030. The inaugural sleeper train from Paris to Aurillac in the Cantal region, reinstated after a 20-year hiatus, embarked on its journey Sunday night.

Fueled by a €100 million (£86 million) investment from the French government, this project not only reopens critical routes but also introduces state-of-the-art carriages to elevate the travel experience.

The financial backing underscores a commitment to modernizing the national network.

Simultaneously, Deutsche Bahn is set on expanding night-train connections, targeting 13 major European cities through collaborative ventures with various operators.

As Europe embraces the revival of night trains, this initiative promises not only enhanced connectivity but also a sustainable and comfortable alternative for overnight travel enthusiasts.

[With information sourced from The Guardian]

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