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Body of TV doctor Michael Mosley found

The renowned health presenter's body was discovered near cave complex after missing for four days; tributes pour in from colleagues and celebrities


The body of British TV doctor Michael Mosley, missing for four days, was discovered on the Greek island of Symi, near a cave complex close to Agia Marina. The body showed no signs of injury and was found approximately 10 meters from the sea, according to Symi's mayor, Lefteris Papakalodoukas. The body appeared to have fallen down a steep slope, coming to rest against a fence with a leather bag in one hand. Mosley’s wife, Dr. Bailey Mosley, described the loss as "devastating" but took comfort in knowing he nearly made it. She praised their happy life together and their resilient children.

Map of Symi by Sky News

Local authorities and a search team, including members of the media, discovered the body while searching the rocky area. The body has been formally identified, and a post-mortem will determine the cause of death. Mosley went missing after setting off on a walk from Saint Nicholas Beach, and his body was found on the opposite side of the island from where he was last seen. High temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius likely made his hike more arduous.

Tributes from colleagues and celebrities, including Jamie Oliver and Dr. Phil Hammond, highlighted Mosley's contributions to public health and his adventurous spirit in medical journalism. Mosley was known for his TV programs and books on health, including popularizing the 5:2 diet. His work has significantly influenced public health discussions and practices, making his loss deeply felt across the medical and media communities.


[Source: Sky News]

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