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Body of woman found tied up in Nicosia home

Retired teacher was tied up and gagged in her home next to son’s apartment in Aglandjia


The body of an elderly woman was found tied up and gagged in Nicosia on Monday, after she was discovered by her own daughter who went for a visit.

The woman, who was living in a flat right next to her son’s apartment, appeared to be in her 70’s according to media reports, which also said she was a retired teacher.

The body, which was tied up on the bed and gagged, was discovered by the victim’s daughter who called the police around 10:10am. She said she went to visit her mum, according to reports, who lived near by.

Media reports said the house was in disarray with early indications pointing to possible robbery

The son, who lives in an apartment adjacent to that of the victim, reportedly saw his mother in the morning around 8am, with nothing appearing out of the ordinary. 

Forensic pathologists are at the scene and police have cordoned off the area.

Media reports also described the area inside the apartment as messy with things thrown all over the place. Some suggestions that the disorder could be a result of a robbery were not immediately confirmed.

Days earlier, another mystery took place in Nicosia’s Strovolos municipality, where the bodies of a couple were found brutally stabbed to death in their own bed.

Their teenage son had told neighbours that two masked men entered the house, while police found no evidence of forced entry or blood stains anywhere except the bedroom.

The case with the Strovolos couple, who were a 60-year-old beloved school teacher and his wife, a central banker aged 59, is still under investigation and police believe a deposition from the boy could shed more light.

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