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Son kills father in Oroklini

Dad trying to make son take medication ends up being stabbed to death


A 34-year-old man in Oroklini was remanded Thursday for eight days by the Larnaca District Court, in connection with the murder of his own father, who police say was trying to get his son to take his medication when the situation escalated. 

The victim, 62-year-old Steve Andreou Ioannou, was at home in Oroklini, Larnaca around 10pm Wednesday night watching TV with his son, according to media reports. The two got into a fight when the son, George Steve Ioannou refused to take his prescribed medication, which he was taking for treatment of mental issues.

“My grandson stabbed my son, who is also his father,” she reportedly told police.

At one point, the conflict escalated and the 34-year-old son drew a knife stabbing his father several times. The dad fell on the floor in a pool of blood as the son fled the scene.

The 83-year-old mother of the victim, who was an eye witness to the incident, immediately phoned the police.

“My grandson stabbed my son, who is also his father,” she reportedly told police.

The victim was rushed to the Emergency Room at the Larnaca General Hospital but doctors could not save him. He succumbed to multiple wounds to his chest, left rib, left hip and lower back.

Police later located the son around 2am in the Oroklini area and arrested him. Larnaca police spokseman Pambos Zachariou saiid infomation from the public, who spotted the suspect, was "particularly important."

The remand hearing was conducted in English where the suspect was ordered to remain in custody for eight days. 

CID Larnaca is investigating.

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