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30 March, 2023
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The dust is back

Cyprus weather settles down but air quality not yet in the clear


There is dust over Cyprus again, as a high-pressure system is affecting the area, with no signs of leaving until Friday evening.

Following a few rainy days with thunderstorms and hail in some parts of Cyprus, weather is now starting to clear up.

There will be cloudy skies on Thursday with high temperatures reaching 28° Celsius inland, around 24° on the southern and eastern coasts, 23° out west and north, and 17° on the mountains.

In the evening, weather will be mostly clear with temperatures dropping to 13° inland and all around the coastal regions, while it will be 9° on the mountains.

More clear weather is expected over the weekend, with the forecast showing dust in the atmosphere could be departing, in stages, as early as Friday evening.

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