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Dust clears as cranky weather sets in

Thursday could see sunshine and thunderstorms before the day is out


Rain and cooler weather are speeding up the departure of dust over Cyprus, after what has been a week of high concentration of particles and a lot of confusion among officials and members of the public. But Thursday could see both sunshine and rain showers before the day is out.

Even though Thursday morning started off with being mostly cloudy with rain showers and isolated thunderstorms, officials say there will be periods of sunshine for the rest of the morning up until noon, punctuated with isolated, partly cloudy weather.

From sunshine to hail

But rain and clouds are expected to set in for the rest of the day, with more rain showers and isolated thunderstorms on the way in the early and late parts of the afternoon.

Officials say there could be hail during thunderstorms

Officials also say there could be hail during thunderstorms. In the evening, there is a higher chance of isolated thunderstorms in the north and west while rain showers and partly cloudy weather will continue throughout the rest of the island.

The rain is helping clear the atmosphere from high concentration of dust, which has been troubling authorities as they scrambled to react to it. It is not clear whether dust will remain above the safe limit of 50 µg/m3 per hour, but officials have not issued alerts the dust is already in the process of receding.

Temperatures will reach 20° Celsius inland as well as south and southeastern parts of the island, about 19° out in the west and northern shores, and 10° on the mountains.

Overnight temperatures will drop to 10° inland, 14° in the west, 12° in the rest of the coastal regions, and 4° on the mountains.

Temperatures are expected to rise from Friday and through the weekend.

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