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Cyprus anticipating UN moves to end talks deadlock

Government spokesman said an initiative on behalf of the UN should be expected but what shape it will take remains unclear


Nicosia said on Monday it is waiting on the United Nations to make some moves to help break the deadlock on Cyprus talks.

Government spokesman Prodromos Prodromou said that an initiative on behalf of the UN should be expected, but what shape it will take remains unclear.

“What can be expected next are some initiatives on the part of the UN. Otherwise, we would be anticipating the Turkish side’s response to the President’s call for the resumption of the dialogue.”

Asked about the possible appointment of a new UN Cyprus envoy, Prodromou said: "We do not have any information. We are waiting to see if there will be some moves."

“What can be expected next are some initiatives on the part of the UN"

He also revealed that the UN has not asked for the Greek Cypriot side’s view on the issue.

Prodromou said the President’s position is clear and further to that, there is nothing else Nicosia can do.

He said the forthcoming elections in Turkey and tensions in the wider region have complicated the matter further.

During an informal dinner on 16 April, President Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci failed to break the deadlock in their first meeting since July when Cyprus talks collapsed in Switzerland.

Neither leader was able to narrow the gap between them and swiftly passed on responsibility over to the UN to figure a way out of the current stalemate.

A brief UN statement after the dinner could only say that the two leaders “had a frank and open exchange of views during a two hour tête-à-tête discussion".

UN chief Antonio Guterres has previously said that he will only initiate a peace push if he finds willingness on both sides to overcome the obstacles to peace and reunification.

So far the silence from New York has been deafening.

UN-supported negotiations aim at reuniting Cyprus - divided since the 1974 Turkish invasion - under a federal roof.

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