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Britons get first look at new banknotes featuring King Charles

Bank of England debuts new notes with the king


Britons recently had the opportunity to preview the latest banknotes featuring King Charles III at the Bank of England's ''The Future of Money'' exhibition. According to a report on The News International, royal enthusiasts gathered to catch a glimpse of the £5, £10, £20, and £50 notes adorned with the monarch's image.

Scheduled for circulation starting June 5, the new notes were personally approved by King Charles himself in late 2022, shortly after he ascended the throne following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

According to museum curator Jennifer Adam, this release marks a historic moment as it's the first time since the 1960s that the Bank of England has introduced banknotes featuring a new monarch. Adam highlighted the significance of the transition during a preview event, emphasizing that it's a momentous occasion for the public to witness.

[With information sourced from The News International]

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